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Magnawave Therapy for Horses, Pets & Humans - Reduce pain & promote wellness - NATURALLY!

Varies per session

Due to the incredible results we have personally experienced with not only our horses, but with ourselves, we now offer and are Certified Practioners of PEMF Therapy. If you, your horse or pets are experiencing pain or discomfort, PEMF Therapy is a natural, drug free management method which REALLY WORKS!

Go to our PEMF page to find out more information on this incredible and affordable service.

Just Click this link and Ride The Wave To Wellness!

Get the most out of your Coaching Sessions and Training by completing the courses below!
Start with the Beginners Guide to Horsemanship! 
It covers everything we will be discussing in the first few lessons and you will be able to refer back to it often!Later as you progress, start on Essential Horsemanship Techniques This course is great for learning to work with your own horse!

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