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To reserve your spot to participate or audit, please go to the
Store page
Each clinic participant will recieve a $10.00 discount code which can be applied to ALL future WBH clinics in 2023 which they attend!!

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I am also available to come to your location for clinics!

For multiday clinics or attendees traveling, we have stalls and primitive camping available.  There is also a KOA Campgound and hotels within a 20 minute drive.


Obstacle Clinic

Join us for a fun filled day of instruction and learning on our Obstacle and Extreme Cowboy Racing Course and build the partnership with your horse!

Staying Safe on the Trail

Trail Safety and Self Defense Clinic

Is this person a danger?

If they approach, what will you do?

Don't Be A Victim

Learn to recognize predator behaviors and how to defend yourself from the ground or on horseback!

Round pen and Ground work 101

Expect and get better results and cooperation from your horse.  

This program is geared for new owners, pushy horses or those having difficulty communicating with their horse. We also go over groundwork to prepare for  first rides.

Replacing Fear with Knowldege

This clinic is designed for riders who have developed a fear of their horse and/or riding.

You dont need to be embarassed by this. It happens. I've been there, many years ago after a bad train wreck I nearly gave up riding forever.

But there is hope and I am here to help you through conqouring the fear which is getting in your way of enjoying your horse. 

Payment must be made in advance to hold your spot and is not refundable except in the case of clinic cancellation, or cancelation within 30 days of the clinic.  If you need to cancel and we are able to fill your spot, a refund will be made.  Current coggins will be required to be shown upon arrival.



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