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Give your horse a foundation for successwith training fromWell Balanced Horsemanship

Specialized Training Programs
for you and your horse



Foundation Training/Starting/
Mustang Gentling

In this 90 day program, your horse will learn how to utilize his mind to not only remain calm, but seek to regulate themself when stressors are presented to build a willing and confident equine partner you can count on.

We will work on aspects of groundwork which are essential to safe riding before moving on to that aspect of training.



Behavior Modification for Problem Horses

This program is to target issues and problems you are having with your horse.  I dig deep to find the root cause of the issue and go back in training to clarify what is expected from your horse.  The problem is always a breakdown in communication. I don't put band-aids on your problem.  I work to fix it with you and your horse!



Personal Horsemanship

In this program is for you and your horse!  A focused and dedicated group of training sessions to target the problems you and your horse are facing.

Its your personal mini clinic custom build for your needs.  You can haul in for sessions daily or weekly.  OR

Bring your horse and stay a week and do several sessions a day. 

I'll do what it takes to help you!

All Training Programs Include Access To My Exclusive Training Videos and Courses To Ensure Your Success!


Tune Up / Confidence Building & Progression Training

When it comes to horse care, it's important to have a program that meets the specific needs of your horse. Our program is designed to be flexible, with lengths ranging from a week to a month, so you can choose the option that works best for your horse. We'll work with you to create a customized plan that addresses your horse's unique needs and helps them thrive.

Ready to get started on a new path?

What Is Stopping You?
It's Time To Experience a New Standard Of Training For You
And Your Horse!


2024 Training Rates

Monthly Training Programs - $1500/mo. Price includes hay and grain along with 1 weekly coaching session and access to our Member Area Videos and Courses

Weekly Training Programs - $400/wk. Owner provides hay and grain.  In this option, a 1 hour wrap up session will be scheduled with owner upon completion.  Access to the Member Area Videos and Courses is also included.

For the Personal Horsemanship Program, please contact me to discuss the schedule which works for you and your needs.  We will then adjust the price accordingly.

nothing will change, until you take action. Lets work together to make real change this year

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