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Well Balanced Horsemanship Membership

As a member of Well Balanced Horsemanship, you have the opportunity to refine and advance
your horsemanship skills.

With access to over 60 videos and 40+ hours of in-depth coaching videos, you will receive the expert guidance to gain confidence and knowledge to overcome challenges and reach new milestones.

Experience the joy of a deeper connection with your horse as you apply the
techniques and insights acquired through our membership.

Benefits Of Membership With Well Balanced Horsemanship

What makes WBH membership different?

The Content

The main focus of our training videos is how to utilize and manipulate the natural chemicals within a horses mind to encourage, promote and reinforce its desire to remain calm and respond to stimulus instead of reacting.

The secondary focus is helping you improve your horsemanship to utilize training methods which correspond to your horses natural instincts and desires to achieve your goals.

Understanding the science behind how horses think, respond or react make huge impacts in their training and our partnerships with them.

Join us today and start making an impact on your horse.

And with our FREE NO RISK 7 DAY TRAIL, there is no good excuse not to begin a great new adventure in horsemanship!

Join Well Balanced Horsemanship today and unlock a wealth of resources to enrich your
horsemanship journey. Explore our extensive training video library, gain a profound
understanding of equine psychology, and elevate your horsemanship skills to forge an
unbreakable bond with your horse.

You don't have to wait any longer to begin your horsemanship journey with our free 7-day trial!

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Start Building The Partnership With Your Horse That You Have Always Wanted.
Simple Online Training To Put You On Your Way!

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Monthly Silver Plan

    Every month
    Simple monthly plan to get you on your way.
     7 day free trial
    • unlimited access to all videos
    • Save 10% on Virtual Lesson Consultations
    • Free access to all Courses
  • Best Value

    Yearly Gold Plan

    Every year
    Save $60.00 and more... That's Less than $15.00 per month!
    • Unlimited access to all videos
    • Save 15% on Virtual Lesson Consultations
    • Free access to all Courses
  • Youth Horsemanship Monthly Package

    Every month
    Your child receives a weekly coaching session on groundwork & riding while completing online courses
    • Youth Horsemanship Monthly Package

Plans automatically renew each month or year depending upon your plan. If you do not wish to continue with your plan, we will be sorry to see you leave, but please cancel your plan before renewal date under "My Subscriptions". "Free Trial" opportunities will be billed to credit card after trial period if not cancled prior to expiration.



If you're not ready to join the members club, you can still get in on the learning, just

- Go to the course page to purchase individual courses-

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