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Horse Training Programs

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I specialize in obstacle training, building partnerships between horse and owner as well as Behavioral Correction training for pushy and aggressive horses and gentling of wild mustangs though Natural Horsemanship methods utilizing the neuroscience behind how horses think and behave. 

I also work with new owners to teach how to safely and successfully develop a bond with their horse and current owner / riders who have issues which need correction.

Tune Up Training, Groundwork Training & Green Horse Confidence Building are available in 30/60/90 day programs

Behavior Modifications Training Programs are 90 day programs

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Get the most out of your Coaching Sessions and Training by completing the courses below!
Start with the Beginners Guide to Horsemanship! 
It covers everything we will be discussing in the first few lessons and you will be able to refer back to it often!Later as you progress, start on Essential Horsemanship Techniques This course is great for learning to work with your own horse!

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