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Specialize in Obstacle Training and Correction


I specialize in obstacle training and correction training for pushy and aggressive horses and gentling of wild mustangs though Natural Horsemanship methods utilizing the neuroscience behind how horses think and behave. 

I also work with new owners to teach how to safely and successfully develop a bond with their horse and current owner / riders who have issues which need correction.

I want you to succeed! To help you and your horse reach the partnerships full potential, all owners with a horse in training will be given free access to the Members Training Area.

One on One Confidence & Partnership Building Coaching Session

1 hour of instruction with your horse $ 60.00 

2 hour session $110.00

Tune Up Training, Groundwork Training & Green Horse Confidence Building

Behavior Modification & Developing Calmness Under Pressure

Contact us for Pricing

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