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Ready to find out where your equestrian
dreams can take you?

Join Well Balanced Horsemanship today and unlock a wealth of resources to enrich your horsemanship journey. Explore our extensive training video library, gain a profound understanding of equine psychology, and elevate your horsemanship skills to forge an unbreakable bond with your horse.

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Do you need help going from a dream to a working partnership?

My name is Bret Lambdin and I want to be your personal Horsemanship Coach!

My training videos offer comprehensive insights into the workings of your horse's mind.

Discover how their cognitive processes differ from your own and learn effective techniques to utilize these differences in your training approach.

By understanding the unique mindset of your horse, you'll establish a stronger connection, enhance your communication, and achieve remarkable results in your horsemanship journey.

As a member of Well Balanced Horsemanship, you have the opportunity to refine and advance your horsemanship skills. With access to over 60 videos and 40+ hours of in-depth coaching videos, you will receive the expert guidance to gain confidence and knowledge to overcome challenges and reach new milestones. Experience the joy of a deeper connection with your horse as you apply the techniques and insights acquired through our membership.

Horse Grazing
Bret Lambdin is an extraordinary trainer, teacher and horse gentler! After searching for over a year for a permanent home or trainer for my horse I stumbled across Bret’s website, Flying L Stables. From our first conversation I knew Bret was the one who could bring out the untapped potential of my Arab/Appendix. Bret accomplished more than I could have imagined with my horse and he did it with patience, kindness, discipline and a calm demeanor. His philosophy provides him a “direct connection” and understanding with horses. When it was time to sell my horse Bret found the ideal match – not just the first person. My horses are family and knowing they are with someone who will continue to care, love and enjoy them makes my heart so happy! Sincere thanks to Bret and his family for providing exceptional care, training and lessons - they are a little known treasure in the horse world!

Laurie S.

Grow Your Vision

For a limited time, all members have access to

Horsemanship Coaching Courses


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Are YOU ready to stop trading your money for riding time & ready to start really learning?

At WBH, we prioritize the remarkable potential of utilizing and manipulating the natural chemicals within a horse's mind.

Our training videos are specifically designed to guide you in effectively leveraging these chemicals to encourage and reinforce your horse's desire to remain calm and respond to stimuli rather than react impulsively.

The secondary focus is helping you improve your horsemanship to utilize training methods which correspond to your horses natural instincts and desires to achieve your goals. Understanding the science behind how horses think, respond or react make huge impacts in their training and our partnerships with them.

Join us today and start making an impact on your horse.

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