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Bret Lambdin Equine Behavioral Consultant


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Common Issues  Worked With Through
Equine Behavior / Horsemanship Consulting

Hard To Catch Horse

What does an Equine Behavior/Horsemanship Consultant Do?

An equine behaviorist studies the unwanted behaviors of a horse to determine why a horses negative behaviors developed and why they are exhibited. The consultant then puts together a detailed plan of action to assist and guide the owner or handler into correcting the undesirable behaviors while developing a suitable replacement response or behavior.

Horsemanship consulting comes into play with this Plan of Action, as many undesirable behaviors are created with the best of intentions, due to weak horsemanship skills and a lack of understanding.


In correcting these behaviors an owner or handler must realize growth in their personal horsemanship knowledge must occur as well.  If growth was not needed, the knowledge would already be existing to correct the negative behavior.

If you are finally ready to really correct the negative behaviors of your horse and begin on a new journey of understanding and connection with your equine partner, I would love to work with you towards your goals.

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