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Horsemanship Coaching Program

Coming Soon!

This course consists of multiple levels of study at home material which gives you or your child a structured syllabus of learning to be used in conjuction wtih lessons.

With the progressing levels, the goals and outcomes of each level are defined so you can track their progress.

Level 1 starts at the horsemanship introduction level and each level progresses. It is necessary to start at Level 1 regardless of experice so nothing is missed.

This course is also structured in a manner which makes it great for YOUTH LEARNERS AS WELL!

If you are not close enought for scheduled lessons, this course can be used as a self study.

Get the most out of your Coaching Sessions and Training by completing the courses below!
Start with the Beginners Guide to Horsemanship! 
It covers everything we will be discussing in the first few lessons and you will be able to refer back to it often!Later as you progress, start on Essential Horsemanship Techniques This course is great for learning to work with your own horse!

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